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      Welcome to Shanghai RC Chemicals Co. Ltd!


      Shanghai RC Chemicals formally invested in Zhangjiagang Vinsce Bio-pharm! [2020-11-06]
      Congratulations to Mr. Chen Weihua, chairman of Shanghai RC Chemicals, as a strategic investor, for formally investing in Zhangjiagang Vinsce Bio-pharm.
      We will attend API Nanchang on Oct 10-12,2019 in Nanchang, our booth number is A5F18.Welcome to our booth! [2019-09-26]
      API China 2019 will be held in Nanchang,China ,Oct 10-12. Shanghai RC Chemicals will take part in and have been prepared for booking booth. You are welcome to visit us at A5F18.
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       Add:RM916,Yinqiao Mansion,No.58 Jinxin Road,Shanghai China
       Tel:+86-21-50322175, 50322680

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