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      Welcome to Shanghai RC Chemicals Co. Ltd!


      Nitration Reaction: We specialize in one-step mixed acid nitration processes, allowing us to produce high-quality nitration products. Additionally, we possess the capability to obtain formal production approval for new factories.

      Catalytic Hydrogenation: Our independent hydrogenation workshop is equipped with a dedicated pipeline hydrogen supply, enabling efficient and controlled catalytic hydrogenation processes.

      Chlorination Reaction: With a reliable pipeline supply of chlorine gas, we are actively involved in exploring innovative and high-value alternatives to existing chlorination products.

      Cyanation Reaction: Our company ensures a stable supply of sodium cyanide, a vital raw material, and holds a license for its usage. Moreover, we have a team of experienced experts proficient in sodium cyanide applications.

      Purification and Metal Ion Removal: Our research and development efforts focus on producing high-purity products at the electronic-grade level. Through advanced purification techniques, we can effectively reduce heavy metal impurities to levels below 100PPB.


       Add:RM916,Yinqiao Mansion,No.58 Jinxin Road,Shanghai China
       Tel:+86-21-50322175, 50322680

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